Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Without Further Adieu... Pepe and Sexy Rexy!

For those that don't know the whole story of Pepe the Peruvian Pony and his faithful friend, Sexy Rexy, please read on.

In a city now far, far away (Midvale, Utah), two sisters, Mandy and Anne, delighted me with a box of travel treats.  One of them was the very stylish and hot-to-trot pony, who we named Pepe.  He would have to accompany me on my journey.

For reasons that won't make sense here, a dear fringe friend, Wendi, gave me a very posh t-rex figurine, named Sexy Rexy, complete with a purple boa and purple-painted nails! But, she didn't leave herself out, or our other fringe friend Courtney. Wendi and Courtney have their very own Sexy Rexy.  I couldn't leave Sexy Rexy home alone, and Pepe did need a companion.

So they have come with me to Peru and have seen a lot in their short sojurn here in Piura.  Make sure to keep an eye out for where they might go next!

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