Sunday, September 23, 2012

Convenience Store Comfort Food

I wasn't quite sure I had enough material for a blog post from last week's adventures. Thankfully, life presented me with a couple of related experiences around one of my favorite topics: food!

First, I am still suffering from a cold hangover... let me explain, not a hangover from being drunk (obviously, I don't drink), but I'm still suffering from the effects of a cold that lingered around last week. Feeling like death warmed over is bad enough, but when you're in a foreign country and when you still have to teach is no pleasure cruise.

The gas station down the street from the main gate of the Universidad de Piura carries Vitamin Water. To me, it stood out in my mind's eye like the Holy Grail of I've got a Sore Throat and I Want More than Just Water.  I thought to myself, "Oh, precious nectar of the Gods, I must have some of that Vitamin Water." I don't care what flavor either.

However, when my first class was done and office hours were over, I was exhausted. The thought of walking all that way didn't appeal to me. Nor did paying for a taxi ride work for my budget either. So, I'd go home, sleep, and trudge back to the university.

Finally by Friday, I had enough umph to go down to Listo's. They actually are one of the few places in town with a/c.  So, it's not a bad place to visit while you're pursuing overpriced snacks and convenience store items.   I searched high and low for the Vitamin Water. I went down each aisle, even the liquor case. I scrutinized, bent down, and scanned carefully for the bottle with the snappy copy on the label. Nothing. Nada!  So,I settled for a pineapple juice beverage.

Sexy Rexy loves Salsa too!

But, all was not lost. In my determination, I found salsa! Named Mexi-Salsa, the jar is small. I bought it and upon tasting it on Friday night, it's not bad. It's about the quality of Pace, but probably a bit better. So the visit wasn't a total loss. Plus, now I know where to get Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  Don't take the 2/$1 specials for granted though, a package here costs me a $1.60.

Anyone who has lived in a foreign country knows that even the smallest reminder of home can be a big comfort even if it's Peruvian-made "Mexi-Salsa" from the convenience store.

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