Sunday, October 21, 2012

3 Questions You Don't Ask

After midterm exams a few weeks ago, we had  break from English classes.  It was a nice but quick break.  During that week break, I volunteered to go to Colegio Santa Maria, a secondary school for girls.  I would be talking with 3 English classes on two separate visits.

The levels of English were different, yet each class asked me the same questions. I asked them about music, movies, family, etc. In every class, there was at least one girl who professed love for One Direction, the British boy band.  I assured them that they would outgrow that love in a few years. They didn't believe me even though I told them I was once like them with New Kids on the Block.

1. Do you like Peruvian food?
Yes, I responded. Everything I have eaten has been delicious.

2. Do you like ceviche?
Yes, which is funny because I don't like seafood.

3. Are you married? Do you have a crush?
I said I wasn't married, but I might have a crush...

But, perhaps the best question every class asked was:

3. How old are you?
Yes, every class asked how old I was!  I took this opportunity to educate them about the 3 questions you don't ask American women.

1. You never ask how old a woman is.
2. You never ask how much she weighs
3. You never ask if she is pregnant because she may just be gorda (fat!).

This answer would be met with peals of laughter! I asked them to guess how old they thought I was. I loved the answer that I was 21.  Most of them guessed mid-twenties. I was pleased. One girl though ventured I was 40! I answered them in Spanish that I was 33.  Boo. Even typing that makes me depressed. Hah.  

I told every class that by learning a foreign language while they were young was an excellent decision. I encouraged them to travel and to see the world and Peru.  It was a choice experience meeting with the girls and a lot of fun, even if they thought I was middle-aged.

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