Monday, July 1, 2013


I can´t believe it. It´s really here- July that is.  I never thought I´d see the day when I turned my free calender from Morris Murdock Travel over to July.

I have less than 20 days here in Piura, Peru. It hasn´t quite sunk in that my time is almost done. It still seems so far away.  However, I feel my end date will crash into me more quickly than I realize.  Soon, I´ll leave this Peruvian bubble of daily life behind to go back to the United States with no job into an uncertain future. Looking for jobs has already worn me out but I must persevere. I have one more class I am teaching until I leave - a crash course that meets every night from 7 until 10 p.m.  It´s grueling but it keeps me from dwelling on my time left too much.

Everyone has said that time will go fast but believe me, while I am happy it is finally July, I have felt every single day here. It´s a time of reflection towards the past year and the future. What have I become and who will I become when I return? What will stay the same with me? What will change? What will stand out as weird? What habits will revert back to post-Peru life? Will my friendships and relationships stay the same?

I again go back into a new world with new things to figure out. I know I must have the Lord close to me to help me make the right choices into the brave new world.

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